Submitting Samples for Analysis

Download/Print the Analysis Request Sheet

Complete the appropriate Analysis Request Sheet (found on the right side of the RAL home page and indicate which analyses you require.  Please provide complete reporting and billing information.  (The ‘Job # ___’ at the upper right will be assigned by the lab).

Please be sure to provide enough sample material for the analyses you require, and verify that sample containers are clearly labeled. Sample identifiers MUST be unique within each group. Please provide an electronic list of the samples (emailed to [email protected]). The preferred format is an Excel (*.xlsx) file.

If you would like to receive your analytical data in a format other than an electronic (emailed) report, please be sure to indicate your preference on the Analysis Request Sheet.

Submit Samples 

Enclose the Analysis Request sheet and submit samples:

  • You may drop off your samples in person between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Samples should be in a sealable and mold-resistant container (no cardboard boxes).
  • You may also mail samples to: 

University of Minnesota Research Analytical Laboratory
135 Crops Research Building
1902 Dudley Ave.
St Paul,  MN  55108-6089


** Frozen Soil Statement **

Processing of frozen soil is prohibitively time consuming and expensive.  Please make every effort to submit your soil samples in a “field moist” or air-dried condition.  (Refrigeration is recommended for temporary storage of “field moist” samples.)  Working with frozen samples simply takes too long for us to deliver results in the timely fashion you have come to expect.  If you must submit frozen soil samples, please limit the number to five or less.  Beyond that, we will be adding a significant charge for processing, effective immediately.  Thank you for your cooperation.

New Customers or Unusual Types of Samples

It is strongly recommended that you contact the laboratory to discuss your analytical needs before sending or bringing samples in.


Costs for testing are listed on the individual Analysis Request Sheets. Payment can be made by EFS account number (for University of Minnesota customers) or we will invoice according to your requirements (often with reference to a purchase order number). Prepayment by check or credit card can also be arranged. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club International, JCB credit cards and Apple Pay.

GOVERNMENT entities:  Please read our Purchase Authorization Requirements before submitting samples!