Quality Control & Assurance

The Research Analytical Laboratory uses a number of techniques to provide the customer with superior Quality Control/Quality Assurance, including:

  • careful sample preparation
  • state-of-the-science instruments and techniques
  • reporting of sample duplicate results
  • analysis of multiple blank solutions
  • use of in-house checks and certified reference materials with each analytical run
  • routine and frequent instrument calibration and verification
  • sample spiking for new matrices

We also participate in a number of round-robin laboratory proficiency programs for water, soil and plant materials.

Agricultural Laboratory Proficiency Program logo


Because detailed quality control procedures are often specific to the type of analysis being conducted, please contact the laboratory for information about a particular analysis.

We are reviewing and rewriting our quality control policy. Here is our older document for reference:

MDA Certified

Certified annually for soil fertility analysis by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

2024 MN Dept of Ag Certified Soil Testing Program


For more information about this program read the following document: