October Update: Almost all tests are back to normal. All "Lawn & Garden" and "Farm & Field" tests are estimated to take ~2-3 weeks. Liming materials have an extended turnaround time due to the high volume of samples we have recieved (~2 months).

In mid-to-late August, many parts of our lab will begin moving back to our newly-renovated space. Turnaround times will be increased for many tests, although we do not anticipate it affecting our florist testing service. If you have a question about our services please don't hesitate to call 612-625-3101 or email (routine soil testing) or (research tests). 

Fun Facts

  • The building was built in 1961, and was originally named the Plant Science Building.
  • By 1970, the original ~2600 square feet was not large enough to accommodate the Soil Testing and (separate) Research Analytical operations.
  • In early 1971, more space was allocated for Bob Munter's Soil Testing Lab, adding another ~1200 square feet.
  • By the end of 1977, the combined lab space was increased to ~4300 square feet.
  • In the early to mid-1980's the labs were combined into STRAL, under Munter's watch, to eliminate duplication of services and effort, and streamline the entire operation.  Munter re-imagined some of the space, obtained used casework from the medical school, and laid out the footprint and operational structure of the lab(s), which was largely intact and untouched until now. 


Tests with delays include:

-Total nitrogen (instrument down for repairs)

-Liming material analyses (~2 months)

-Dry ashing is up, but running slower. We will still aim to turn around diagnostic jobs in ~ 1 week.


From the 1960s to State-of-the-Art

Remodeling work on lab space
Picture of construction plans

A better plan for our clients

The remodel will significantly improve technology, capacticy, and safety all while ensuring the most reliable and accurate test for our clients.