Routine testing ("Lawn & Garden", "Farm & Field") is expected to be completed within 3 weeks. For research tests, please call or email for an estimate. Thank you!

3-1-17 Update

Please check with us before submitting liming material samples-- turnaround times will vary during the move.

Textural analysis will likely be stopped during the renovation.

2-20-17 Update

Our current plant ashing furnace will not be usable in our temporary lab location. We do have a new furnace on order that is expected to arrive in early May. We will keep all unashed samples in storage until the new furnace arrives. I will update if we find a suitable alternative for the meantime.

We will not perform cation exchange capacity (CEC) testing in our temporary location. All previously submitted CEC jobs have been completed.

Our sulfur analyzer is currently down for repairs. We hope to have it back in action soon.

The routine soil testing instruments are being moved this week. The drop-off location for all samples will still be in Room 135, Crops Research Bldg. this week, and likely through the middle of March.


1-25-17 Update

We have located temporary space on campus. We are expecting to retain most of our services during the renovation phase. Stay tuned for more info!


Starting in March 2017, the Soil Testing & Research Analytical Laboratories will be undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation to fully modernize our lab space. While we plan on keeping our services open to the greatest possible extent, we cannot fully guarantee that all instruments and analyses will be available during the construction period. We will share all updates on this webpage. Please contact us with any questions.


Stay tuned for more updates!